hi, i'm ella! i'm seventeen and i live in georgia! i make gifs ocassionally, and i'm really into vocaloid projects right now, mainly kagepro and mikagura at the moment! uhh ok this is really scattered sorry i hope you have a nice stay!
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I hate Haruka Kokonose


Hes just another pretty boy who makes the girlies all wet. A japanese douchebag that makes me want to kick my computer across the room everytime I see him on screen. I know Takane and Ayano are crossing their legs over him in-series, and the same is happening to any girl with a laptop and internet. I just want to say thanks Haruka Kokonose for ruining my anime-watching experience, by adding your damn supposed sex appeal to the mekakucity world and igniting the embers of envy inside me. Hope all your female fans get live snakes shoved down their throats, painfully choking on the scaley animal before an explosion ruptures them apart. I hate you.

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